Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sliding Into Home

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We are a family who loves burgers. Seriously, give us beef, turkey, veggie, pork, big, small, rare, medium (just not well done!) and we're happy campers. The other night I decided to try a new twist on the classic burger and make these Ginger Teriyaki Sliders. They turned out to be so moist and delicious, I'll definitely be making them again!

Ginger Teriyaki Sliders

- 12 mini soft dinner rolls (I used a package of King's Hawaiian rolls - they were perfect!)
- 1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms
- 2 scallions, trimmed and cut into small pieces
- 2 tsp. peeled and coarsely chopped fresh ginger (about a 1" piece)
- 1 pound ground pork
- 1/4 cup teriyaki stir-fry sauce
- 1/4 cup Panko bread crumbs
- 1/4 cup mayo
- 1/4 cup granulated white sugar


Heat the broiler, line a baking pan with foil, coat with nonstick cooking spray or use a non-stick foil. You could also do these out on the grill, but as I've mentioned before - the grill scares me!

2. You can use a food processor to do this next step, but ours is kind of a pain, so I just finely chopped the mushrooms, scallions and ginger, transferring them to a medium-sized bowl before adding the pork, stir-fry sauce and bread crumbs. Mix with your hands to blend thoroughly.

3. Shape the mixture into 12 equal-sized patties, about a 1/4 cup each. Place them on the prepared foil-lined baking pan and cook 4 inches from broiler heat for 3 minutes on each side. They turned out perfectly for me, not too done and not too rare don't want to go rare with pork!

4. While the burgers are cooking you can whip up the dressing. Add about 3 tbsp. of teriyaki sauce to the mayo, then combine with the sugar. Place the burgers on the split rolls and top with a tiny slice (we quartered a slice of cheese) of cheese, the mayo and a few sliced green onions.

Serve with whatever sides you like - we chose a fruit salad (probably the last of the summer fruits!) and baked sweet potato fries...what a fantastic meal!

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