Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Best Worst Thanksgiving Ever!

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As I am preparing for Thanksgiving, checking my grocery list and plotting what I can safely cook ahead of time, I can't help but remember what was arguably the best/worst Thanksgiving...

It was the first time I had attempted to cook Thanksgiving by myself post-college. My parents were in town, so were a ton of my friends and we had a lovely dinner planned.

Throughout the course of the evening I:

1. Forgot to take the bag of giblets and neck out of the turkey.

2. Did I mention I STUFFED the bird with the disgusting bag of goo and the NECK inside?! You cannot even imagine how horrifyingly disgusting it was to dig into the (now overly dry) turkey to get the stuffing and have a steaming bag of turkey guts spill all over the pan, counter and myself. There was screaming had by all...followed by hysterical laughter.

3. I decided to ignore the fact that everyone wanted the canned cranberry sauce and make homemade...which I still maintain would have been delicious...if I had remembered to add the sugar. That was the most bitterly sour bowl of goop anyone has ever eaten in dare I say? The history of the world. The taste was indescribable.

4. When I pulled the bubbling sweet potatoes out of the oven (topped with marshmallows), I slipped, burned my wrist and turned the entire dish upside down where it splattered all over the oven, the floor and my younger sister Molly who had just come into the kitchen to see if she could help. She helped laugh and hunt down ice and aloe for my burnt wrist before she tried scraping marshmallow/sweet potato goo off her that's a good sister!

The best thing about that unholy disaster of a Thanksgiving was that we all laughed...didn't take it too seriously and ate all of the other dishes that weren't systematically ruined by me! It was a wonderful mish-mash of my family and closest friends. We all crammed around our tiny kitchen table, drank sparkling wine and mostly ate rolls and green bean casserole until we could justify tucking into the dessert and coffee while we laughed at the ridiculousness of the day.

So there it is - my somewhat long-winded account of my very first "grownup" Thanksgiving. I'm happy to report that I've since learned how to cook, have actually pulled off delicious Thanksgiving food, NEVER forget to check the cavity of any bird and am looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving this year for my new husband and our friends.

And I am serving canned cranberry sauce this year!

I promise I'll post a new recipe blog tomorrow night after I try my hand at cooking polenta for the first time - wish me luck!

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