Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Shot at a Jamie Oliver Recipe

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One of my fabulous sisters-in-law gave me the Jamie Oliver cookbook I've been craving since I watched his Food Revolution show earlier this year for a wedding gift. Sadly, it had been stacked with most of the other wedding gifts in storage as we can't use many of them while we're living in my in-law's upstairs and already have a fully-stocked kitchen! I uncovered it last week while moving boxes and got so excited I started reading through it, sticky-noting all the recipes I want to try...I ended up with this:

 how to pick a recipe? I decided for the first one I would go with a recipe that I had almost all the ingredients for lurking in my cupboards and fridge...tah dah - Crunchy Garlic Chicken! The original recipe was to serve 2 people and use chicken breasts, but I adapted it to serve 4 of us and used chicken tenders instead.

Crunchy Garlic Chicken

- 2 cloves of garlic
- 2 lemons
- 12 crackers (I used saltines)
- 2 tbsp. butter
- 8 sprigs of fresh parsley
- salt and pepper
- 4 heaped tbsp. all-purpose flour
- 1 lb. of boneless, skinless chicken tenders
- 2 large eggs
- olive oil


Peel the garlic and zest the lemons, then put the crackers into a blender or food processor (our food processor is notoriously temperamental, so I opted for the blender) with the butter, garlic, parsley, zest and a dash of salt and pepper. Whir together until the mixture is very fine, then pour it onto a plate.

2. Sprinkle the flour onto a plate and crack the eggs into a small bowl, beating lightly with a fork.

3. Lightly score the underside of the chicken tenders, then dredge them in the flour until both sides are coated. Next, dip them into the cracker mixture. Push the crumbs firmly onto the chicken to make sure they stick, the chicken should be completely coated.

4. Time to bake! I set a cooling rack on a cookie sheet and covered it in aluminum foil, then placed the chicken on it. You want to bake it in the oven for 15 minutes at 475 degrees. It turned out perfectly cooked, moist and delicious!

Everyone enjoyed the chicken. The parsley and lemon added the perfect amount of freshness to the dish. I served it up with paprika roasted potatoes and sauteed green beans with garlic and mushrooms. We'll definitely be dipping into that cookbook again this week!


  1. I need to look through that cookbook again. I checked it out once from the library, but had to return it as it was on hold. There were some recipes I could use in it though.

  2. Yeah he does include some veggie/vegan recipes or ones that could easily be adapted!