Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy Asian Food

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Its no secret that one of our favorite regions of the world is Asia...neither of us have ever visited, but we absolutely can't get enough of the food! Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian...we love it all (well most of it). However, it isn't always easy or cost-effective to be able to eat all of those delicious cuisines here on the Eastern Shore.

We have found a few restaurants that we love locally that serve Indian food, Japanese and Chinese food. We are on the lookout for a decent Thai, Vietnamese and Korean restaurant, but in the meantime I've tried to look for Asian flavored dishes I can make at home. The flavors of that region have always intimidated me, seeming too complex and difficult to master in my home kitchen.

I have found one curry recipe that I've mastered and Aaron loves, so riding high on that success I decided to try a recipe I found for Sesame Chicken. It was easy and with a little tweaking it became a really flavorful dish - we'll definitely be trying it again!

Sesame Chicken

- 3 tbsp. sesame seeds
- 3 tbsp. flour
- 1/4 tsp. salt
- 1/4 tsp. ground red pepper
- 2 lbs. chicken tenders

- 3 tbsp. teriyaki sauce

- 1 tbsp. melted butter


Spray a large baking sheet with nonstick spray, then set aside. Combine sesame seeds, flour, salt and red pepper in a large plastic bag.

2. Slice the chicken into strips and coat in teriyaki sauce. Add the chicken to the flour mixture in the plastic bag, close it and shake the bag to thoroughly coat the chicken.

3. After you spread the chicken on the baking sheet, drizzle the melted butter over each piece. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through.

4. I mixed together about 3 tbsp. of teriyaki sauce, 1 tbsp. soy sauce and a few chopped scallions and brushed it on the chicken as a glaze, baking it for about 3-4 more minutes. It really added an extra punch of flavor to the dish.

I served the chicken over egg noodles, and it was a hit. A very simple weeknight dinner with those rich Asian flavors!


  1. We loved this recipe too....I will have to let you know how I ended up tweaking it a bit...I can't remember right now!

  2. Hey! A recipe that I might actually be able to make here! Indonesia actually HAS all those ingredients! :) Amazing...

    Also, since I notice that you and Aaron have never been to Asia AND there is no mention of Indonesian on your list of favorite foods, I vote you come here and check it out firsthand!

  3. Sounds good to me - we're short on Indonesian fare around here :)