Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Almighty Stick of Butter

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I am in the middle of baking up an impressive amount of shortbread cookies (which include a Paula Deen level amount of butter. I've been taking photos, excited about blogging a new recipe...when I realized...I already blogged this recipe!


Ok, so check out the recipe in my posting from May of this year: Tribute to my Maiden Name, the cookies are absolutely delicious. The only things I did differently this time around are:

1) Once the cookies cooled, I dipped them halfway in melted semi-sweet chocolate and set them on waxed paper to dry. Big fan of this additional step!

2) Instead of using a diamond-shaped cookie cutter, I used a round one with a scalloped edge. This really doesn't matter at all, but I wanted to list what I did differently in a numbered format - hence this step made the list.

This might be one of my all-time favorite cookie recipes and could make a reappearance this holiday season in a gift basket or two. Since I've already blogged about this recipe, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share my top 5 cookie recipes (so far):

#1 - Ultimate Ginger Cookies
#2 - Shortbread Cookies
#3 - Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies
#4 - Awesomesauce Chocolate Chip Cookies
#5 - Chewy Sugar Cookies

What are some of your favorite cookie recipes?

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