Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby vs. Blog

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I admit, I haven't cooked much blog-worthy food lately. Being in my first trimester of pregnancy definitely put a damper on cooking. I barely had the energy to pour a bowl of cereal, much less try anything new and adventurous in the kitchen! Plus, another lovely side effect of my early pregnancy had been that I can eat meat...but I can't stand to cook it - I was throwing up every time I tried to saute chicken or sear a pork chop...definitely not good.

I am now in my second trimester (just barely!) and am feeling better for the most part. I've stopped constantly getting sick and have more energy during the day. I've been slowly introducing more actual cooking into our weekly menus, but have been relying on really simple and easy dishes - mostly because I never know what I'll be craving from one day to the next!

Another fun development with this pregnancy is that I can't stand eating vegetables. I got sick on a salad early on in the pregnancy and since then I can't look at so much as a carrot without feeling green. Thank God for the nutrients in prenatal vitamins! I do crave fruit, so hopefully I'm making up for some of the missed nutrients that way too. It's frustrating though, once I started getting into cooking about 2 years ago, I really started focusing on healthy and balanced meals, trying new veggies and techniques...and now all this kid wants are Taco Bell nachos and burgers! He/she had better not get used to it - once they actually appear on the scene this mom is heading back toward nutritious food!

I'll finish up this particular entry with an example of my latest food weirdness: last night I was sitting on the couch with my husband eating a slice of pepperoni pizza and a big glass of concord grape juice.



I think the last time I had grape juice I was in elementary school! At least it's 100% juice and full of antioxidants, right? Should cancel out the pizza in my mind.

As I get back into some cooking and/or baking, I'll try to keep this blog updated, but for now - to all my mom readers, what are some of the things you craved during pregnancy?


  1. First pregnancy it was tomatoes (good luck finding some in December!) Second pregnancy it was roast beef (expensive!) and the third one, I didn't crave anything. Threw up for 6 months!
    Yea, I didn't have that lovely glow people always associate with pregnant women.

  2. ILOVEGRAPEJUICE! For some reason, most of the little Indonesian stores around here get this French grape juice imported in 1 liter cartons. I used to go through one or two a week, carrying it back and forth to school with me. All my students made fun of me! I've figured out how to use my blender to make other juices (like mango and pineapple), so I don't drink it as much now. But it's amazing, and it makes me happy that you're craving it. : )

  3. mac and cheese for the first trimester with Gwen, Coke, any fast food, couldn't stand salads with G either! With L I really craved the healthy summer stuff like fruits and veggies, salads and grilled things. I was glad when summer rolled around so I could have these. Must be why I didn't gain as much with him. Both of the girls it was anything I could get my hands on EXCEPT for hamburger helper and anything with the word "zesty"...I know, bizarre!