Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nothing Better Than Homemade Bread

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I absolutely love sandwiches.  I'll try pretty much any type of food if it is sandwiched between two slices of phenomenal bread!  That being said, I think one of the biggest culinary disappointments is when you expect an amazing sandwich and are let down by the bread being sub-par.

I used to be completely intimidated by homemade bread...then I finally dove in and tried my hand at baking my own bread, completely shocked at how simple the process is and how delicious the results can be.

This recipe is for brioche sandwich rolls, they have a fantastic flavor and slightly buttery texture that lend a higher level of flavor to any sandwich.  The sandwich pictured is a combination of grilled chicken breast, turkey bacon and avocado...yum!  The original recipe for the rolls was found on Annie's Eats.  It's a fantastic blog, one of my favorites - check it out sometime!

Check out the recipe for Light Brioche Rolls here

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