Friday, July 27, 2012

Zucchini Bounty

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I had a craving for something sweet today and was faced with a bare fridge, semi-bare pantry and a ton of zucchini shredded in my freezer.  The logical choice was zucchini bread and I knew I had a recipe floating around somewhere.

I completely forgot that the recipe I had was from one of my favorite foodie memoir books by Gail Simmons.  The book is called "Talking with My Mouth Full" and is definitely one that captured my attention when it came out, since I love foodie lit and am always on the hunt for well-written memoir-style books in that genre.  Gail definitely did a fantastic job with this book and the recipes that are included are tempting to try - this is the first one I got around to, mostly because I wasn't cooking or baking much in my last trimester of pregnancy and now having an almost-6-week-old baby girl, I'm just getting back into the fun of cooking again!

The zucchini bread turned out perfectly moist and flavorful and the whole wheat flour added a great nuttiness to the bread.  I didn't have nuts to add, but definitely will toast up some walnuts or pecans next time to add to the mix.  Also, a cup of oil going into two loaves of bread seems like a lot to me, so next time I'll probably try to cut that down and substitute applesauce as at least part of it.

Check out the recipe by CLICKING HERE

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