Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baked Chicken Sausage Pasta With Spinach

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Baked pastas are some of my favorite meals to make, because I can cook them ahead of time, add all sorts of veggies to them and get some great flavor packed into them too.  This week I decided to branch out from my standard recipe (pasta + ricotta + homemade tomato sauce with veggies + mozzarella on top) and try something new.

This recipe includes rigatoni - I love those bigger noodles in baked pasta, they stand up really well to baking.  It also has a meat element in addition to the vegetables, which I don't always add.  It turned out really well and I'm looking forward to adapting it even more and adding in different veggies and meats - yum!

I haven't tried freezing it, but the original recipe gives those instructions if you want to make it that far in advance.

Check out the recipe here

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