Monday, January 21, 2013

Just The Thing For Sweet Teeth

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I admit it.  I have a sweet tooth.  More accurately, a mouth full of sweet teeth!  However, in the interest of health and moderation, I've been baking fewer sweets and trying to cut back on experimenting with new desserts.  It hasn't been easy, I love baking and there are so many amazing dessert recipes out there that I want to try.

Still, last weekend gave me a perfect excuse to try out a new dessert recipe.  We were celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday and I cooked up a dinner and (of course) a dessert.

Dinner was a simple, yet always tasty, roast chicken.  It's such a simple thing to do, roast a chicken, but easy to mess up without proper seasoning and cooking time.  I take about 4 tbsp. softened butter and mix it with salt, pepper, sage, rosemary and thyme before smearing it all over the chicken, especially under the skin.  Then, just roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes per pound.  It turns out perfectly every time!  A green salad and homemade cloverleaf rolls completed the dinner.

Dinner was delicious, but we were really all biding our time waiting for dessert.  My mother-in-law absolutely loves pecans, so I made "The Best Ever Pecan Bars", a recipe I found on one of my new favorite blogs: The Slow Roasted Italian.  The original recipe made a really huge batch in an 18x12 pan, so I cut it down so it would fit into an 8x8 pan.  I didn't change any ingredients, just the amounts.

They turned out perfectly, sweet and gooey with the perfect blend of crunchy pecans and soft crust.  Let's just say it's a good thing I made the smaller batch because we couldn't stop eating them!

Check out the recipe by CLICKING HERE

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