Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Revamping the Burger

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It has been awhile since I've posted and don't fret, I've still been cooking! I've actually been cooking even more than usual because my daughter is now eating some solid foods and I'm making batches of baby-friendly meals in addition to meals for my husband and me. 

I can't wait til she's a little older and can eat what we're eating, but I have to's kind of fun watching her reactions to new foods and thinking up new combinations and recipes to test out on her. She's officially my taste tester these days and that'll be a lot more fun when her palate expands beyond purees! Still, tonight she's snoozing away in her crib and my husband hasn't quite made it home from work so I found some time to share this fantastic recipe with you. 

We love burgers in our house and I'm always looking for new and healthier recipes without sacrificing much in the taste department. This Asian Chicken Burger doesn't even compromise an iota in taste and it's a new flavor twist on a burger. 

The original recipe is from a 2011 issue of Food Network Magazine and the only things I changed are: 

- I used a sweet Asian chili sauce instead of a hot one
- I sauteed the onion/mushroom mixture to top the burgers (brings the flavors together, plus I'm not a fan of the texture of raw mushrooms) 

Check out the original recipe by CLICKING HERE

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