Tuesday, April 9, 2013

These Recipes Have Been Brought to You in Part by Jamie Oliver

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One of my go-to chefs for fresh and easy cooking is Jamie Oliver.  My favorite cookbook of his is his Food Revolution book and I've made countless recipes inside.  This week has featured 2 of his recipes and they both were delicious, one was enjoyed by our 9-month-old daughter, the other was not as I am not quite ready to introduce her to the wonders of jalapenos and curry-based dishes.  No one wants to see that diaper!

Now that the seasons are really changing around here (we live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland), my mind immediately becomes fixed on recipes revolving around fresh produce.  Unfortunately we had a long and fickle winter, so really not much is in season yet other than a few anemic spears of asparagus.

Farmers markets may not be thriving yet, but I still want my veggies!  With that in mind, I tried Jamie's recipe for Potato Leek Soup.  I love it because it is a creamy potato soup without a heavy and fattening base.  It manages to cram in some additional veggies (carrots and celery) and has a fresh flavor.  I honestly didn't change a thing, so just click on the link above and give it a try!

The second recipe of his I tried this week is an Indian dish.  In the past I have been a bit wary of trying Asian cuisine at home, but lately every recipe I've tried has worked out beautifully and has been met with demands of "more" by my husband.

I love making curries because you can customize them with just about any meat and spice level.  This one is delicious and deviates slightly from his original recipe.  Mostly because my husband and I hate shredded coconut and I can't stand cilantro.  It has that soapy taste to me, I can't help it!  This is called Chicken Korma, but it could work really well as a shrimp dish too.  Try your own spin on the dish and let me know what you think!

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