Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bananas Over A New Kitchen

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"Eating muffins is serious business, Mom."
I blame my husband for my recent use of puns.  We've been married almost 3 years and it seems his love of puns has started to rub off on me, oh well, I guess it was inevitable!

I haven't posted a lot of new recipes as of late, mostly because we just came through the insanity that is moving to a new home.  How can I describe my former kitchen...hmm...basically a hallway where I cooked.  Don't get me wrong, we were happy to have a roof of our own when we moved into the place 2 years ago, but we have drastically outgrown the space and let's be honest, I had always compromised on the teeny-tiny nature of that kitchen.  I had to store my roasting pan on the shelf above the washing machine for God's sake!


Over Memorial Day weekend (which might be the worst time to move), with the help of a fantastic group of friends, we moved into our new home.  Priority number one for me was unpacking and settling into the kitchen.  Forget sheets and towels, I needed to bake a cheesecake that night!

You know what I mean, right?

We are now completely unpacked and I am in love with my kitchen.  When we first toured this new home, I fell in love with the kitchen the moment we walked in the door.  I remember looking at my husband and giving him the "crazy-eyes", saying something to the effect of, "we MUST move in immediately!"

Thankfully the cost of rent and all those other semi-important things worked out and 2 months later we were hauling insanely heavy boxes up 3 flights of stairs into our new home.  I now have so many cupboards I can't even fill them, a pantry (!!!) and my roasting pan is safely stored in a cupboard next to the stove.  Life is good.

Just in case I haven't quite painted a picture well enough, check this out:

Our former kitchen.  Yes...that is the entire room!

Our current kitchen.  LOVE!

If you have voyeuristic tendencies and want to read more about our new place, check out my other blog: http://emrohrer.blogspot.com/

Now, this is a food/recipe blog, so I'll get back to the business at hand.  I've cooked a few things in our kitchen since we moved, we did have to eat, but not too many new recipes yet.  However, these banana muffins were a big hit with Baby Knives and myself (my husband thinks bananas are evil, along with peas), so check out the recipe and enjoy!  This is a great base-muffin recipe too, as it is not too dense or heavy and the muffins rise really well.  They also freeze remarkably well, so I've been defrosting one or two in the morning to enjoy with coffee.

Banana Muffin Recipe

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