Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Freshness

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One of my favorite summer flavor combinations is tomato with basil.  I love being able to get my hands on fresh tomatoes with incredible flavor after a long cold season filled with sad, pinkish, rock-like tomatoes.

I have a little basil plant growing out on our balcony and sadly it looks like it could be on it's last legs (the black thumb strikes again!), so I am using as many of the good leaves left as possible.

I love the idea of a galette, that rustic, free-form pastry that can be combined with sweet flavors or savory ones.  This one turned out perfectly and honestly it took me longer to wash my food processor than it did to make the dough for the galette!

I'm already looking forward to trying new flavor combinations with this recipe.  Maybe throwing in some zucchini next time or using fresh mozzarella instead?

The only thing I did differently from this original recipe was to use grape tomatoes and seasoned more to our taste.

Check out the recipe: Summer Tomato Basil Galette

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