Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Tardy Weekly Roundup

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This week's recipe roundup is a few days late due to travel, but I still wanted to make sure I got these recipes out before I forgot and got caught up in the new ones I'm trying out this week!

There's a great variety in these recipes, I tried my hand at making cake pops for the first time and after a few tips and tricks from my friends, they turned out beautifully.  It really is incredibly simple (and affordable) to make your own cake pops!

Easy Cake Pops

The soup I tried this week went over really well with my husband, who likes all things soup-related.  I hadn't tried a soup with a pumpkin base yet and was surprised how smooth and flavorful the finished product was.  Pumpkin isn't just for pies (or cake pops)!

 Pumpkin Winter Soup

The curry dish I whipped up this week was an extremely simple one-pot dish that packed an intense flavor punch with classic Thai flavors blended with Mahi-Mahi and butternut squash.  Green chili paste is my new favorite seasoning, that's for sure.

Thai Fish Curry

The last meal I put together before we headed out of town on our mini-vacation was a simple chicken dinner that anyone could put together in about 20 minutes.  If you've ever cooked a chicken breast, trust me, you can make this and seriously impress anyone who eats it.  I served it up with a side of roasted butternut squash (leftover from the curry I made the night before) and potatoes.

Simple Mushroom Chicken

What have you been making or baking this week?

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