Friday, October 4, 2013

Potpies, Frittatas and Pie...Oh My!

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To make up for last week's tardy post, I am posting this week's "recipe roundup" a little early.  I was able to try some fantastic new recipes this week and can't wait to share them!  There are three savory entree dishes I cooked up for weekday dinners, along with one fantastic salsa recipe and a dessert.  Needless to say I'm pretty proud of my recipe-making prowess this week!

The first recipe I want to share with you is a potpie.  I haven't made one in ages, but this recipe really stood out to me.  Partly because of it's curry flavor base and partly because it didn't call for any peas (my husband hates them!) or frozen mixed veggies.  I'm already starting to imagine what other veggies I could swap in to amp up the flavor.  

Plus, my 15-month-old scarfed down a huge bowl of this stuff!  That's a big deal lately since she's decided to start being a little finicky at dinnertime.  If you are planning to feed this to your little ones at home I do want to remind you that curry can be kind of a natural *ahem* laxative so be careful not to overload their systems if they're not used to that kind of spice.

Curried Chicken Potpie

This next recipe is a soup.  We love soup in our house and make it year round, but when I saw this recipe for a tomato soup that was largely assembled in a crockpot, I knew I had to give it a shot.  It had 3 of my favorite things: tomatoes, basil & Parmesan, what could go wrong?  It is a fantastic soup for sure, while not exactly "light" with the addition of the roux and half & half, it's perfect for an occasional treat.

Creamy Tomato Parmesan Soup
I had never cooked a frittata before.  There.  I know, a startling confession, but dare I say not as startling as my confession earlier this year that I had never cooked a steak!  I am now a frittata convert!  I can't believe I've never tried this dish before, it's so simple and packs a fantastic punch of flavor courtesy of the roasted vegetables.  We had it for dinner with a side of real bacon (a rare treat in our house these days!), but it would easily be the star of any brunch table as well.

Roasted Veggie Frittata

This recipe for a knockoff of Chipotle's corn salsa is one of my go-to appetizer recipes.  Everyone always loves it and you can easily adjust the heat level by easing back on the jalapeno or by including the seeds and ribs if you want it to have a spicier bite.  I've just linked to the recipe here because I honestly haven't changed a thing!

"Almost Famous" Corn Salsa

And what better way to end a post than with one of my favorite desserts?  It's no secret how much I adore citrus flavors.  The tarter the better!  So, of course, two of my favorite pies are lemon meringue and key lime.  However, key lime is particularly fantastic because it is incredibly easy to make!  I made this last night in preparation for my dad coming to visit (it's one of his favorites too) and I can't wait to dig into it tonight!  I've made it many times and it always comes out beautifully.

Perfect Key Lime Pie

So what have you made this week?  As always, please let me know if there's a recipe you're dying to have me try and share or if you've stumbled upon something fabulous of your own!

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