Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthday Dinner - Part 2

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The second part to my husband's birthday dinner was Boston Cream Pie.  It's one of his favorites and I haven't actually attempted to make it from scratch before, so it was a perfect time to give it a try.  I've had this recipe around for years and now I'm actually annoyed with myself for never trying out out before, it turned out to be delicious and definitely one of my favorite desserts.

The recipe is pretty hands-on, but if you do a little planning it will come together easily and not be very intimidating.  I baked the cake and made the custard the night before, keeping the cake in an airtight container and the custard in the fridge overnight.  It worked perfectly when I made the chocolate topping and assembled the entire dessert the following night.

I will offer one piece of advice when giving this recipe a try: don't be afraid of a thick custard.  It is supposed to be thick!  I think I was a little too afraid of it being too thick, so the filling was a little on the runnier side.  It was still delicious, but next time I'll let the custard cook a minute longer than I thought it should.

Check out the printable of the recipe below and I'd love to know what dessert recipe challenges you've taken on lately!

Printable Recipe: Boston Cream Pie

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