Friday, May 2, 2014

Who's Cooking: Brandy (Salisbury, MD)

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Brandy is one of my newest friends, we met through our church and our shared love of marketing. Plus, I think she’s a superwoman for managing three kids under the age of 5 (two of which are twins) on a daily basis!

Brandy was born & raised in Salisbury, MD and met her husband Mike through playing co-ed volleyball.  Their oldest daughter is turning 4 this July and the twins (a boy and a girl) are getting ready to turn 2, also in July. Twins were a huge transition for their family the beginning, but they’re becoming so much more manageable these days.  Heading to the beach is one of their favorite family activities, but wrangling all three kids running after seagulls and into the surf can be a bit much!  

Brandy tries hard not to let the stress of being a mom to such young, energetic kids get to her and focus on the positives of their family spending time together. Cooking can be a challenge for Brandy, because she (like so many of us moms) are trying to lose post-pregnancy weight.  Not to mention the recipe has to be easy and quick, so she’s landed on a super-easy marinade for chicken, that she’s sharing below, that her family loves to eat any night of the week.

Q&A With Brandy

Why do you like to cook? I probably cook at home as much as possible to save money, but it honestly isn't fun taking the kids out to restaurants at this stage in their lives because they never want to sit still! 

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with and why? I would say my favorite ingredient has to be garlic.  It is always my go-to if I need to spice anything up and add more flavor.  It’s so easy to use and great for flavoring just about anything!

If you could travel anywhere in the world just to try that country or city's cuisine, where would you go? I always love a steak that’s cooked perfectly so I don't have to use any kind of sauce on it.  But, if I have to narrow it down, I would probably go to Maine for fresh lobster.  I’ve only done it once and it was such a fantastic experience!  I got to go in and pick my own lobster from a huge fresh pool of them, then they’re prepared right away.  Eating them outside was an additional perk of course, and the fact that lobster is so cheap in Maine is even better!

I only do easy recipes these days, juggling 3 young kids so if it takes more than 5-6 ingredients or takes longer to prepare than about 30 minutes, I generally pass on it.  This is a great marinade to use with chicken and then just throw it on the grill or bake it in the oven.  Pair it with a quick tossed salad and a few baked potatoes and you’ve got a great meal!

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