Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Simply Tasty "Holy Yum" Chicken

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As much as I love experimenting with new recipes and exciting techniques, some days my tastebuds (and tired multi-tasking psyche) cry out for simple homey flavors that will come together quickly. With that in mind, last week I started skimming through my Pinterest boards for some chicken-based inspiration. 

I know a lot of people pin things and then immediately forget about them, but I've really found the site so useful in the past year when it comes to recipe ideas and even crafty inspirations to keep my 2 and a half year old busy. Anyway, I have my personal boards divided up into a bunch of types just to make it easy for me to sift through recipes. Yes, I have a completely separate "poultry" board and have honestly considered breaking it down even further into "chicken"/"turkey"/"other poultry"...I may have an over-organization problem...

But I digress!

I stumbled upon this little gem of a recipe, proudly called "Holy Yum Chicken". How could I not take a look at that recipe, right? At first I wasn't sure if I'd give it a try since it calls for a lot of dijon mustard and my husband isn't the biggest condiment fan. Still, the other flavors sounded intriguing and the hands-off baking method definitely appealed to me.

While the title is a little over-enthusiastic, the recipe was definitely a hit. I love chicken thighs too, the flavor is so much better than most white meat chicken and I have yet to ever dry out a chicken thigh. I served it up with a baked potato and side salad and will definitely give it another go, its a great option for a quick and flavorful weeknight dinner.

Since I didn't change any of the ingredients or techniques, I just want to link to the original blogger to posted the recipe: Table For Two.

Printable Recipe for Holy Yum Chicken

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