Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Birthday Funfetti Pancakes {Baby Knives Turns 3!}

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How is it possible that it is July tomorrow? I feel like I blinked and June was gone. We had so much crammed into the past month that it flew by! Most noteworthy (of course) was our daughter's third birthday.

Yep. Its been 3 years since this little munchkin wrapped us around her finger. She's not super-into cake these days, but loves frosting and anything with sprinkles, especially frozen yogurt so for her "kid" birthday party we did an ice cream bar complete with sprinkles, gummies and other yummy toppings. What did she do? Ate all the gummies and sprinkles off her bowl of ice cream and left the rest for me.


Another one of her favorite foods are pancakes, so I made a special "funfetti" version for her to enjoy this year. I found the recipe on Baked By Rachel and just had to share it. I love that I got to include sprinkles in her favorite breakfast treat. I didn't change the recipe at all except for swapping in buttermilk for regular milk. It was a big hit (with the birthday girl and the grown-ups).

Check Out The Recipe Here

What are your favorite special treats to whip up for your kiddos (or yourself!) when its time to celebrate their birthday?

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