About Me

I started getting interested in cooking when I moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the summer of 2010.  I had gotten engaged to my best friend and now husband and had moved in with his parents during that transitional period before our wedding.  I got a great deal on rent and part of the deal was that I cooked dinner for the 4 of us three times a week.

I had always been interested in baking, focusing on pies and a few pastries, but this was the first time I really started getting creative with main dishes.  I loved having "guinea pigs" who were enthusiastic to try out my new recipes and with a few laughable missteps (ie, super briny chicken - I used 2 tbsp. of salt in a marinade instead of 1/2 a tsp.) I began to discover that cooking for the people I love is a true passion of mine.

I slowly began to watch more cooking shows, research recipe blogs and use Pinterest as a resource for ideas.  Now I am married to a wonderful man and we have a toddler daughter who keeps me constantly searching for new foods to try.  I've conquered a few of my recipe "fears" in the past year, including risotto, curries, white sauces and souffle.

I love to cook, am a bit of a messy one and my inherent clumsiness has resulted in my husband hiding the mandoline when he's not home and available for suturing (I can't blame him, the first time I cut myself on it I was assembling the thing!).  Still, my passion for cooking continues to grow and my confidence in the kitchen has led me to share my triumphs and a few messy failures here on this blog.

I hope you find inspiration in the stories and recipes you find here and please contact me with any questions or stories about your own tasty messes, I love to hear from my readers!

- Em